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Poetic Lens Photography by Kalia Vang

Fine Art | Family | Maternity | Couple Photography

Twin Cities, MN


About Me.

I'm Kalia, a dedicated photographer with a mission to freeze time and turn everyday moments into lasting memories. Through my lens, I uncover the beauty in the world and transform it into visual stories that resonate with hearts.


📷 My Focus


Specializing in a diverse range of photography styles, I'm known for my knack for capturing authentic emotions and candid moments. Whether it's a heartfelt portrait, the breathtaking scenery of nature, or the bustling energy of a city, I aim to convey the essence of the moment in each frame.


📸 What Drives Me


My passion for photography stems from a deep love for storytelling. Every click of the shutter represents a chapter in the stories of people, places, and events. It's the joy of crafting narratives through images that keeps me inspired and fueled.


📚 Continuous Learning


In this ever-evolving field, I'm committed to lifelong learning. I stay on the cutting edge of photography techniques and technology to ensure that my work remains fresh, innovative, and captivating.


📷 Let's Connect


Whether you're looking to collaborate on a project, capture cherished memories, or simply share your love for photography, I'd love to connect. Feel free to reach out and let's embark on a visual journey together.

Published Work


Caim Magazine


January 2021

Mora Modeling Magazine

Cultural Fashion Issue



Model Source Magazine


February 2021

VOL 7 NO 18


September 2023



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